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Friday, 14 September 2012

How to Hide Your Private Folder

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Hello Friends, this is a simple trick to hide some folder for your private files, but this is not the step by any batch programming. Just follow the steps:

Step 1 : Create a folder in any drive on your computer and copy your private files to that folder.

Step 2 : Right click that folder and select “Rename” then hold “Alt” key and type “0160” (don’t release alt key till the four letter typed “ALT + 0160”) .

Its only working on num keyboar guys please note this

how to hide folder

Step 3: Then right click the folder and select “Properties” from that dialog box go to customize tab.

Step 4: Now click “Change Icon” and select the empty icon in the list(that is available in 13th column of the list).

Now check that folder is in hide state. Please look at this video for clear instruction.


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Sanu A S said...

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raj kumar said...

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Mike Lowson said...

It is nice that you have come up with something which everybody want. From now everyone can hide there private folder.
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